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Bharatanatyam is one of the eight forms of Indian Classical Dance native to South India. Bharatanatyam was originally used as a form of worship in temples. The Bharatanatyam dancer is dressed in a colorful sari, adorned with jewelry and presents a dance synchronized with Indian classical music. The footwork, body language, postures, musical notes, the tones of the vocalist, aesthetics and costumes integrate to express and communicate the underlying text.


Mohiniyattam is a classical Indian dance where the body movement is sometimes described in terms of calming images of nature as the swinging of the palm leaves, and the gentle undulating of ocean waves. The costume includes plain white or off-white such as ivory or cream colored sari embroidered with bright golden or gold laced colored brocade with hair tied in a bun to the side.


Kathakali is a highly stylized classical dance drama from the state of Kerala in India, with stories based on the great Indian epics. It can be compared to a ballet that has a unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance in which each individual artist portrays a character from an Indian epic. Kathakali is a visual art where every character has got its own elaborate make-up and costume.

Bollywood and Folk Dances

The term Bollywood was created by combining two names, Bombay (the city now called Mumbai) and Hollywood. In essence, Bollywood Dance is Indian film dancing. Bollywood Dance fuses Indian Classical styles such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak, combined with western dance styles like Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballroom and other Indian folk dances. Bollywood Dance incorporates story telling in its choreographies making it fascinating to watch!

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What We Do?

References from Brigham Young University (BYU), University of Utah, Utah State University, Salt Lake Community College, Radha Krishna Temple, Ballet West, Schools and other institutions where services were conducted will be provided upon request.

Master Classes

A Master Class is a specialized course that is taught by an expert in that style. These classes give dancers the opportunity to spend a period of time focusing on improving their knowledge and technique of a certain style of dance.

Dance Classes and Performances

First class is FREE to try. In-Person or Online - Group or Private classes are available. Kids above 4 or 5 years of age and adults whether beginners or experienced in any dance forms are welcome to join the classes.

We perform Indian classical, bollywood and folk dances for community events and at temples, universities, schools, libraries and at other public functions.


Students who wish to perform an Arangetram may approach the teacher and the teacher will determine whether the student is ready to take on the responsibility and be committed to preparing. No one is required to do an Arangetram, but it is a unique and unparalleled opportunity, and a huge accomplishment. Preparation takes at least a full year and requires a lot of dedication, commitment and discipline.


A dance workshop is essentially an open dance class that anybody is free to attend. Attending workshops is a fantastic way for individuals to broaden their experience, step outside their comfort zones, make connections and discover new ways to move and create. Workshops afford an opportunity to work on specific technique areas, learn new topics, and study with the instructor.


We help adults and kids learn dance sequences for their performances at special events. You are free to choose the dance style, songs and costumes or go with our suggestions.

Professional Development

The Program offers a variety of training and mentoring opportunities, as well as resources, to help educators develop new ways to stimulate learning about India, its classical dance forms and make connections between them. It also provides a framework for educators to engage in teaching and learning activities that support the cross-cultural needs of their students.


Dance Instructors

Divya Narayanan
Founder, Director and Instructor

Divya Narayanan is a multifaceted artist with an all-round excellence in the field of traditional Indian Classical Dances of Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattom, Kathakali, Folk dances of India and Bollywood dances. She has more than 35 years of expertise in the multifaceted field as a popular & versatile performer, innovative & imaginative choreographer, teacher, trainer and presenter. With about 600 performances to her credit including national and international appearances throughout India while she was in New Delhi, the national capital of India, and in the U.S at Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Utah. She has conducted 7 Arangetrams of her students.

Divya is a triple scholarship recipient in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattom and Kathakali. She is a Government of India panel graded artist in Doordarshan , the national TV channel of India.

After completing basic training in Bharatanatyam from Guru Aruna Subramaniam who is a national 'A' grade danseuse, Divya pursued her higher studies under Guru V. Krishnamoorthi with kalakshetra traditions. Guru Krishnamoorthi also imparts training in traditional folk dances and Kuchipudi, the vibrant traditional dance form from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Divya received training in Mohiniyattom, the graceful traditional dance form of the state of Kerala, from Kalamandalam Seema Venugopal, also a National 'A' grade danseuse. Later she was fortunate to receive the traditional Gurukulam style training from the living legend and doyen of Mohiniattom, Kalamandalam Kalyanikutti Amma, sponsored by the SPIC-MACAY the foremost organization of India dedicated to the propagation of India's rich heritage through traditional Indian classical Music and Dance forms. Later she started learning from one of the senior most disciple of Smt. Kalyanikutti Amma, Dr. Deepti Omcherry Bhalla , a renowned artist and Head of the Department in the Music Faculty, Delhi University.

Divya underwent a seven year Kathakali training course from Guru Sadanam Balakrishnan , Principal of International Centre for Kathakali and Sadanam Hari Kumar which helped her to perfect her rhythm and abhinaya.

Divya was also pursuing training in Carnatic Music from Dr. Leela Omcherry of Music faculty, Delhi University and from her senior disciple Geetha Rajan. Divya received an All-Round Excellence scholarship for her school studies. She graduated from a prestigious college, Hansraj from Delhi University in majoring in English.

Divya worked as a dance teacher and choreographer in one of the prestigious schools in India named Montfort Senior Secondary School run by the Gabriel Society. She imparted training to more than thousand students in various dance forms, choreographing and presentation for various school functions. She prepared and presented them for inter-school competitions for which the school won many prizes.

Divya was self-employed with her own Dance Academy "Divyanjali Institute of Classical Dances", propagating and promoting traditional Indian Classical Dances and imparting specialized training to more than 200 students, including some visiting students from United States for a period of seven years. Divya had composed, choreographed, directed and presented some of her student's performances for the Indian television audience.

In the U.S. Divya conducted Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattom and Bollywood dance lessons for adults and children in Massachusetts and New Jersey. She now resides in Utah and is conducting dance classes in Salt Lake City and Herriman.

Manya Nair
Senior Instructor

Manya Nair is a Senior at the University of Utah and has been a dancer for the past 16 years. She is trained in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattom and Bollywood style dances under the skillful eye of her Guru, Divya Narayanan. She has had numerous performances at institutions and events in and around Utah and Some of her notable performances include the Jazz Halftime Show, Living Traditions Festival and The Interfaith Roundtable at the Tabernacle.

Manya teaches Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance at her studio and enjoys teaching students of all ages.

Dance Graduation


The word "Arangetram" is a Tamil word and means "ascending the stage". After learning dance under the guidance of an accomplished guru, this performance is a solo dance debut – that means it's the first time a student performs a full concert by themselves. It is a major event where you invite close friends and family as well as other members of the artistic community to judge your performance. At least ten to twelve years of dedicated training is necessary to give a commendable performance.


Dance Studio Locations

Classes are conducted at the following 2 locations:

  1. Divya School of Dance Studio at 4912 W Ridge Rock Cir, Herriman, Utah - 84096
  2. Krishna Temple at 965 E 3375 S, Millcreek, Utah - 84106

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